Welcome to The BookBobbler

During 2021 and 2022 we are hoping to create a series of book, literacy and arts events – all as part of the community support we offer through our Social Enterprise, Broadway SocEnt.

Find a book on the Bobbler pages…it’s easier!

We have established a presence on uk.bookshop.org, which is intended to both tender support directly to our local community, but also be part of a wider movement to support independent bookshops across Staffordshire and far beyond.

We hope you will visit our book ‘lists’ often, or even send us ideas and your favourite reading. We’d love to know.

If you have a community problem, we are happy to offer support as part of our SocEnt endeavours. Equally, we are also happy to create a themed book list that offers a landscape of knowledge about your issue.

You can dip into a list at any time to help with your ideas.

Happy reading this year, from The Bobbler.

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