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The BookBobbler is part of Broadway Social Enterprise in Burton on Trent, UK. We believe that community development and change come from shared knowledge, resources and access to ideas. Books play an important part in that journey for us. When you buy a book below, a small proportion of the price goes to support our work.

Thank you from the Broadway Team.

A world of choice, a world of ideas…

The Bobbler has an on-line ‘bookshop‘, which is built from the web services of uk.bookshop.org – you can discover how this makes a modest contribution to our work here, but also how you can support independent booksellers right across the UK.

  • Simply browse for a book from our carefully curated ‘lists’.
  • Create a login to uk.bookshop.org – and purchase securely.
  • Your secure payment will be confirmed and your despatch notifications will track the journey of your new book – just like any other national/international bookseller. Brilliant!

This week’s featured books – buy a copy today

Veg in One Bed: How to Grow an Abundance of Food in One Raised Bed, Month by Month

In just one raised bed, greenfingered wunderkind Huw Richards shows you how to grow vegetables , organically, abundantly and inexpensively so you have something to harvest every month of the year .

Month by month , discover what you need to do and how to do it. Try becoming more self-sufficient in your allotment, a small garden, or even on a roof terrace.

Wok On: Deliciously balanced Asian meals in 30 minutes or less

As always, Ching’s recipes are not only deliciously healthy but easy enough for anyone to have a go at and enjoy.’ – Tom Kerridge

Perfect for sauteing, braising, frying and steaming, cooking with a wok is a way of life all over Asia. In Wok On , bestselling author Ching-He Huang celebrates the huge versatility of this magical 2,000-year-old cooking pot with a modern collection of recipes that are simple enough for every day as well as every cook.

Our latest specially curated lists are available below…

Numbers are fun, whatever your age…get to know them better
Help to get through difficult times…
Good food, good value, good companionship…
Got an enterprise idea – Broadway SocEnt can help…
Everyone has an agenda – how to proceed?

We are pivoting the Bobbler to become our community, collaborative books, literacy and arts development project during 2021.

If you have a good idea for ‘book list’, or just read a great author or themed book for example, let us know and we’ll build a Bobbler ‘list’ just for you.

Watch this space and happy reading – The Bobbler is about!

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